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Trifolkal: Buy the CDs

You can buy our CDs on the CDBaby website. Neal Phillips and Greg Trafidlo also have solo CDs available there.

Click on the album title below to buy it from CD Baby. (Also available on iTunes - Apple Music, Amazon, and other fine purveyors of digital music.)

Silver: Trifolkal's 25th Anniversary Album (MP3 downloads only from CD Baby), Winkin', (MP3 or CD) Tao From The Mountain, (MP3 or CD) and Songs Of The Season (MP3 or CD).
The CD Baby link below will take you directly to the general "Artist's Page" for Trifolkal.

CD Baby

The following - in physical formats (not MP3s) - are available directly from Trifolkal:
♦ Silver: Trifolkal's 25th Anniversary Album
♦ Foxfire
♥ To Those Who Feel - Our "caregiver" album (CD & cassette)
♦ Read My Heart To Me (CD & cassette)
♦ Say Hello To A Friend (cassette only)
♦ We're All in This Together (LP & cassette only)

Click on the "Listen to the Music" link in the menu on the left, then on an album title to display a list of songs on each album.