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"Silver" and most Trifolkal albums are available for downloads or streaming through many fine purveyors of digital music, including:

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Laura has developed a special program for caregivers called Music, Touch & Laughter. The presentation features an inspiring blend of lecture and the trio's music that she refers to as an "informance." Contact Laura or Greg to learn more about our offerings.

"What wonderful songs and talented performers! Many of us were moved to tears.... Your contributions to the success of our meeting will be remembered for a long time." - Gail Hudson (American Cancer Society, Communications Director, Virginia Division) 

"Your music teaches, soothes, tickles, and stirs the soul.... It has a sense of depth that only comes with having ministered to people in crisis." - Deforia Lane (Music therapist) 

"As a conference coordinator, I was never so glad of a decision as the one to include Laura, Greg, and Neal as the centerpiece of our conference." - Eric Willmarth (Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback) 

"I have never heard a conference presentation that has personally touched me as much as this one. There is no question that Laura spoke from the heart." - Erik Peper, Ph.D. (Author of "Creating Wholeness")

Where We've Presented:
° Association for Applied Psychophysiology and 
° National Institute for Clinical Application of 
Behavioral Medicine
° American Cancer Society
° American Nurses Association National Rally for
Health Care Reform
° Virginia Nurses Association
° Good Samaritan Hospice
° Lifestream Center
° Blue Ridge Community Services
° Beth Israel Hospital
° Virginia Psychiatric Nurses Association
° Greater Southeast Community Hospital
° Danville Hospital
° Virginia State Hospice Association
° Moore Regional Hospital
° Roanoke Memorial Hospital
° Maryland Academy of Family Physicians
° New River Valley Hospice

The Caregiver CD:
To Those Who Feel: A Musical Tribute to "People Who Care for People"
 [Available on CD]
• Guests include: Muriel Anderson (guitar), Roger Bellow (fiddle), Robbie Dummitt (guitar), Tommy Holcomb (keyboard) 
• Songs: To Those Who Feel • Oat Bran Muffins • Set Your Whole Self Free • Healing Hands • Never Marry a Nurse • Manuel Garcia • Where Dear Friends Never Part • Thanksgiving Eve • Eyes that Never Have to Cry • To A Child • Uh, Oh, Accident! • We're All in This Together • One Small Thing

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