In this interview article the three trio members discuss with Warren Kurtz the background about the songs on their latest CD Silver.  Kurtz is a Contributing Editor at Goldmine, known for “Fabulous Flip Sides” along with giveaways, interviews, CD, DVD and book reviews. “Warren’s Fabulous Flip Sides” can be heard most Saturday mornings, in the 9 a.m. hour, Eastern time, as part of “Moments to Remember” at or iHeart Radio – search WVCR.” - Warren Kuttz

Goldmine: The Music Collector's Magazine

[They] convey a quality of musical integrity that is fresh and wholesome, and clearly their own. They are obviously well-grounded in the best of the tradition." – Steve Gillette (folksinger/songwriter) [Their] performances are a delight. Their musical energy, with Laura's pure soprano voice backed by Greg's clear vocal harmonies, makes for unrestrained, 100% pure enjoyment." – Billy Edd Wheeler (songwriter) “Laura, Greg and Neal, you have a unique gift of heartfelt simplicity and realism in your music. Thank you for making our night such a success.” – Edward Pfister (Manager, Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra) “That's a great song!” – Pete Seeger (writing about Neal & Greg's song “Whatcha Gonna Leave?”) “Greg’s talent transcends writing and performing... His personal connection to the Earth’s wholeness is clear in his music and his life. Greg treats a wide range of subjects with sensitivity and respect.” – Jeff Hunt (Wisdom Radio, Review of “Old Dog, New Tracks”) “Their three voices often blend with beautiful strength... ” – Warren Kurtz (V Magazine) “[their] songs will tickle your fancy, tickle your funny bone, tickle your thought processes, tickle your heart, and tickle your soul.” – Mike Fleischer (WDCB-FM, Glen Ellyn, Illinois) From fans in the Southwest: There are not adjectives enough to tell you how much we love your new CD! We close our eyes and are transported back to our green mountains in Virginia.  Now your voices are ringing out over the deserts of Arizona and making us smile here.”

— Comments from our Listeners

Folk trio Releases 25th Anniversary CD titled "Silver" - Married couples celebrate anniversaries. Why not folk trios? Trifolkal, made up of SVSAer Greg Trafidlo and former SVSAers Laura Pole and Neal Phillips, has released a new CD in honor of their 25 years ogether, their silver anniversary. The CD consists of fan favorites;  it's the trio's "Thanks for listening" treat. The tunes run the covers gamut from the Beach Boys to the Sons of the Pioneers to Harry Chapin and more. The package was designed by SVSAer Kathy Acosta. Long-time friend Muriel Anderson says it best: Greg, Laura and Neal are old friends...a-hum, longtime friends...and always play with an innate joy.” - David Simpkins, Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association's Music News

— SVSA Newsletter

Tao From The Mountain" (2003)] Don’t hold the cute title or the goofy cover photo against Laura Pole, Greg Trafidlo and Neal Phillips. This trio proves you can go far with love of the music and some very clever songwriting chops. While they do wish to be taken seriously, the three funny songs of the dozen on this album are funnier than most songs by dedicated comics. Trafidlo and Phillips’ “The Ballad of Libby Congriss” is both humorous and pointed. It tells the story of the bumbling folksong collector that records and copyrights a mountain woman’s traditional songs, sort of the dark but humorous side of the movie “Songcatcher.” Pole’s “Appalachian Rap” tell the complete history of the Appalachian Mountain range, rap style, in 1:53. However, the real side splitter here is the rewrite of the traditional Irish “The Star of the the County Down” as “The Starbucks of County Down,” by Phillips Trafidlo and John Seay. The trio shows impeccable taste in their choice of serious songs from the traditional “Shenandoah” to Tom Paxton’s “My Rambling Boy” and Woody’s “This Land is Your Land.” Although the notes list 11 accompanists, most play on one or two songs, and most of the production is as simple as could be desired. There is something so unpretentious and loving about this CD it reminds you of what folk music was originally all about, people getting together and making music for the love of the music. Trifolkal come across as professional, but not slick, and they are entertaining.” - Rich Warren, Sing Out! Summer 2003, Vol. 47, number 2, page 129-130

— Sing Out!

REVIEW OF 'WINKIN'' by TRIFOLKAL Again, I'll confess to bias in this review, this time not only because my wife Kathy Acosta designed Trifolkal's "Winkin'" CD package but also because we both sing on the CD itself. Still, this excellent work deserves notice and it's sort of my purpose here to point out good music when I run across it. First off, Trifolkal is a folk group featuring Greg Trafidlo, Laura Pole, and Neal Phillips. Individually, these performers are all talented musicians and songwriters. Together, they're create a unified whole that transcends individuality and creates a musical entity that can have you crying tears of laughter -- and of heartbreak. I grew up on the sounds of Peter, Paul & Mary. In another time, Trifolkal would have been worthy rivals of that legendary group. As it stands, Trifolkal is one of the best anywhere at what they do -- and their latest CD is a strong testament to their dedication, their talent, and their message. Trifolkal doesn't necessarily exist to promote the songwriting talents of its members, although, as I said, they're strong songwriters in their own right. "Winkin'," their latest, combines a handful of originals with eclectic choices of songs by other artists, making an entertaining whole. You'll find sing-a-longs, heartfelt ballads, traditional folk songs, and goofy nonsense all on the same CD. It's a tough task, covering that much musical ground, but Trifolkal pulls it off easily. Truly, it's rare to get this much variety on one disk -- but, as each of the members takes a turn at lead vocals, with the others ably backing the leader instrumentally and vocally, the differences in the styles of the members stand out but not so much that the group blend is obscured. And that blend is probably what attracts me most -- rarely do you hear three voices so perfectly in sync, so perfectly balanced. I enjoy hearing each member sing lead -- but I like it best when they do ensemble work. To me, that's when Trifolkal rises far and above its individual parts. Ah, the delights of it ... Greg's triple-threat input: vocals, instruments, songwriting. Neal's heart-on-his-sleeve deliveries of "One Small Thing" and "Evening Prayer." Laura's expressive and majestic vocals on "John Of Dreams" and "Finlandia." It's a rare musical cornucopia of sound -- it's a cliché, but, truly, there's something for everybody on this CD. To make a great collection of music even greater, Trifolkal is ably supported by a bevy of local musicians and the whole thing was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Harold Thompson at Blackwater Recording in Wirtz VA. Next time you hear somebody say that there isn't any good local music, stick a copy of "Winkin'" in their ear. What, you don't have a copy? Shame on you! Go get one. Now! Go here:” - David Simpkins

— Meadow Creek Gazette

A brief story about a "Fast Food Hoax" in Alaska uses Trifolkal's version of "Taco Bell Canon" from their "Winkin" CD. Check it out at:  ”

— Trifolkal featured in a Taco Bell Story?

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